Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get wheatgrass delivery on demand on any day of the week?

How can I order if I have a special requirement of wheatgrass in large quantities?

I require wheatgrass but I do not reside in Bangalore, can it be shipped?

Can I get a discount if I am a regular buyer?

Is there any discount if I refer a friend or family?

How to consume raw wheatgrass?

How to make wheatgrass juice from raw wheatgrass?​​​​

How much wheatgrass juice should you consume?

What is the best time to consume Wheatgrass Juice?

Can we have higher quantity of wheatgrass to derive faster benefit?

Are there any side effects of wheatgrass consumptions?

How frequently should you consume the juice and for how long?​​​​

Which is better Wheatgrass Juice or Wheatgrass Powder?

What are the benefits of buying wheatgrass with you?

I do not want to subscribe and only want to buy week at a time, how can I buy?

Can I change my shipping address after I have bought a subscription?

I have bought a subscription for 8 weeks, how do I know the status of my subscription?

I have bought a subscription but I do not know when will it expire, will I be notified?

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