What our Customers Say

Your quality is great, so is the service

Hi Wheatgrassfarm,

Would also like to give you my feedback. My family and I are addicted to wheatgrass shots every morning. My 10-year-old actually drinks it because it's so fresh and organic.

Keep up the good job guys!!


Good quality wheatgrass delivered at convenience of my home

I use to grow my wheatgrass in my balcony pots since we were unable to get a regular and good quality product. Ever since I found out about Wheatgrass farm, I am able to get good quality wheatgrass delivered at convenience of my home. Thank you Wheatgrass Farm


Nowhere else I find this quality

Wheatgrass is not just my daily medicine it is my food.

Earlier I used to harvest wheatgrass at home. I am happy that I found Wheatgrass Farm. I am enjoying the best quality grass from you, especially after your comeback.

Now, it is either ordering from you or harvesting at home, as nowhere else I find this quality.

Benefits I got from Wheatgrass :

--Stopped taking Thyroid & B12 medicines.

--Anaemia is now totally at bay. Earlier I had a severe Iron deficiency which caused frequent dizziness, blackouts & weak feeling. Now my Iron levels are normal and I feel energetic throughout the day.

--Digestion has improved.

--Hairfall has reduced, dark circles have reduced, and my skin condition has improved.

--Thank you Wheatgrass farm


We use it for my entire family as a proactive measure towards many ailments

Wheatgrass is not new to our home. Earlier, we consumed for my father who was a cancer patient and I could see him benefit in dealing with the toxicity created due to the strong medications. Nowadays, we use it for my entire family as a proactive measure towards many ailments including cancer and diabetes. This helps us keep our immunity levels as well.


You should drink to feel the difference

My wife and I have been consuming wheatgrass juice freshly juiced every morning for the last one and half months. I feel the difference as I use to be tired and now feel a bit fresh. I am also overweight, though have only last 1 kg but feel lighter and plan to continue. My wife has started mixing cucumber and its awesome. You should drink to feel the difference.

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